FALSE GUARD: a martial arts fantasy graphic novel by Merwan

Created by Neurobellum Productions

The complete graphic novel omnibus by the author of the award-winning ASTER OF PAN. (10 DAY FLASH CAMPAIGN!)

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International shipping status + ADRASTEA!
5 months ago – Mon, Feb 28, 2022 at 03:46:25 PM

Hi everyone!

A quick status report on international orders:

  • UK/EU stock is well on its way to Spiral Galaxy and is expected to arrive there within the next two weeks (ETA March 13th). Assuming there are no unexpected events, they should be able to have all packages out by the end of the month. (Hopefully the current political situation doesn't cause any further delays, but some countries might be more affected than others...)
  • AU/NZ stock was picked by Aetherworks last week, which should put those orders on roughly the same timeline.
  • ASIA order inventory was received by VFI last week, so those orders should be going out very shortly!

We know this is taking longer than expected, and we're all doing what we can to navigate the ongoing (and increasingly complicated) international shipping situation, but there's not much we can do beyond patiently going through the available steps. With all that is happening in the world, our little comic books feels pretty insignificant, but we hope that when it does arrive (and it will soon), it'll provide a little respite and an enjoyable escape to make it worth the wait. 😊

In the meantime:


ADRASTEA by Mathieu Bablet

For those of you who backed our campaign for SHANGRI-LA and CARBON & SILICON last year, you probably know how amazing Mathieu Bablet's work is. (International backers, you will soon... they're on their way to you as we speak...!) Set in Greek mythology, this new book is equally beautiful, poetic, action-packed, quirky, and epic. It tells the story of a man who cannot die, so after 1000 years of watching loved ones die and his empire crumble, he sets out on a quest to demand answers from the gods of Olympus...

We'll be offering a limited edition, campaign-exclusive "Immortal" Bundle with a bunch of nice extras, as well as the usual array of stretch goals and bonus prints for pre-registering and pledging on Day 1.

*** FREE SHIPPING for backers of OGRE GODS or ARSENE LUPIN! ***

Much like we did with SHANGRI-LA + FALSE GUARD + THE WALL, if you backed either of our previous two campaigns for THE OGRE GODS SAGA or ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN THIEF, or pre-order either from their Backerkit stores before closing at the end of March, we can add your physical pledge items from this campaign to your previous order so that they ship together at no extra cost! Free shipping will be applied to all qualifying pledges during pledge management in Backerkit.

This is going to be another beautiful book, a perfect companion to SHANGRI-LA or CARBON & SILICON, and we're excited to give ADRASTEA the spotlight treatment it deserves!

Hope to see you there tomorrow!

Only 2 days left to back ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN THIEF!
6 months ago – Wed, Feb 09, 2022 at 10:15:31 PM

Hi everyone!

We're hoping to have some updated shipping news from Quartermaster and the international hubs soon, but in the meantime...

There are only TWO DAYS LEFT to join the ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN THIEF Kickstarter campaign before it ends!

You don't want to miss out on the fabulous package of exclusive, limited-edition bonus items that have been unlocked to be included with all physical pledges for FREE! Right now, that's about $40 worth of exclusive collectibles that will not be available anywhere else once this campaign is complete. And you can get this whole beautiful art package for simply pre-ordering the $30 base tier or $40 Limited Edition Cipher Edition tier!

Like we did with FALSE GUARD and SHANGRI-LA, if you also backed our OGRE GODS campaign or pre-order from the Backerkit, you can get FREE SHIPPING by bundling both packages into one! Both campaigns will ship in May, so it's the perfect way to save on the skyrocketing cost of shipping these days.

We're hopeful that we'll unlock the numbered bookplates at $90k, but if even a portion of you non-backers watching this campaign come on board in the next 48 hours, everyone will benefit from having a matching "Holmes" lapel pin added to the set. It really is a bargain worth taking advantage of! (Can we hit that last stretch goal to make it $50 worth...? The lapel pins are sweet...)

Oh, and of course, there's THE FABULOUS BOOK ITSELF! 😊

Please check it out and help spread the word!

Shipping Update - Jan 24
7 months ago – Tue, Jan 25, 2022 at 12:29:17 AM

Hi everyone!

Hope you are doing well, and hope that most of you (in the US and Canada) have received your packages by now. We just got an update from Quartermaster on the international order status, as follows:

- UK/EU orders are departing for Spiral Galaxy in the UK this week. Figure 2-4 weeks for them to receive the inventory, pack up the individual orders, and send them on their way. So you should have your items in late February (early March at the latest, in case of unexpected delays).

- AUS/NZ orders are being picked up by Aetherworks Freight Forwarding Partner shortly. Still waiting on a pickup date from them. I know that "shortly" isn't helpful, and we're sorry for the delay in having more specific dates; getting goods down under (for a cost anywhere close to reasonable) has been one of the biggest challenges in all this global shipping fiasco. Aetherworks is doing what they can to prioritize container space by grouping multiple campaigns and products together, so that will have some impact on when the combined goods leave the states. I don't know if they're waiting for something more or if they're ready to fly with what they have now. As soon as Quartermaster can confirm with them, we will let you know. Suffice it to say that once they have the inventory, they should be able to turn the orders around in less than 2 weeks.

- Asia orders are on their way to VFI now and are expected to arrive there around Feb 16th. Those orders should then be turned around quickly and in backer hands 2-3 weeks following (depending on the speed of local regional carriers).

Once again, thanks for your patience, everyone. As challenging as this particular fulfillment has been, it would have been three times as challenging (and expensive, for all of us) if we hadn't combined these three campaigns into one shipping project. We've certainly learned some tricks this time around which we will put into practice with this next round of "Free Shipping" campaign bundling that started with OGRE GODS and continues with tomorrow's launch of ARSENE LUPIN, GENTLEMAN THIEF. There will be a third campaign available to piggyback for free later on in the Spring, before the target May fulfillment window, so if you're looking to get some great books and collectibles while saving on shipping, we encourage you to back 'em all! 😊

Status update
7 months ago – Tue, Dec 28, 2021 at 08:33:14 PM

Hi everyone!

Yow -- first off: HUGE apology for such a delayed update... with three campaigns shipping together, in the midst of the year-end administration demands and -- oh, yeah: HOLIDAYS -- we shamefully lost track of what we had and had not yet posted to each campaign. That is not a good excuse for our silence, although the holidays have made it more complicated to get details and confirmation from Quartermaster...

Realizing the last update stated shipping should begin Dec 13th, we wanted to get firm word from QML that that would be the case. That week, they did let us know that a large project just ahead of us was taking a few days longer than expected, and ours would likely be going out the week of Oct 20th. We absolutely should have let you know about that delay immediately, but I failed to do so as I was traveling to visit family at the time and got slammed with catchup business upon return. Again, not a proper excuse -- you should have been a priority. 😔

Since then, QML completed that larger project and committed themselves to get SHANGRI-LA, FALSE GUARD, and THE WALL out by the end of this week. The Christmas weekend certainly put a big monkey wrench in the works but as of yesterday morning, they still claim that packages will be going out this week. Some may already have hit the mail, in fact (though I don't have confirmation or tracking info yet). They know that this is a big priority for us to have out this week, however, so I trust it will happen.

(Full disclosure: In order for Magnetic Press to recognize the revenue from these campaigns in this calendar year, those orders must ship this year. Something about how cashflow is different from revenue earnings, I dunno... it's accounting stuff I don't fully understand, but with that imperative in mind, QML is in the hot seat to make sure things are indeed out this week.)

So, while I don't have firm confirmation to report, I want to trust their professional word that packages are rolling out the door as I type this. 😊

I know that's not really news, but considering how overdue you were for an update, hopefully it brings everyone up to speed.

As soon as I can get ACTUAL confirmation, I'll post accordingly. PROMISE! 😁



An update on shipping and a BIG FAVOR TO ASK...
8 months ago – Fri, Dec 03, 2021 at 10:34:20 PM

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Just a quick update on shipping:

QML should have everything to start packing boxes NEXT TUESDAY. Their current estimate is to have Domestic and Canadian orders hitting the mail the following week (of December 13th). They are also hoping to have International freight ready to depart for the UK, Australia, and Asia hubs that same week. We will of course keep you updated as they confirm dates.

In the meantime, if you haven't checked out the OGRE GODS campaign, it ends a week from today!

Or if you have already backed that (awesome) project (thank you), you could really do us a huge favor by


Visit the Hyperfollow page for direct links to your favorite streaming platforms

This marks our fifth release on those streaming platforms (and others, including Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Boomplay, Anghami, KKBox, NetEase, Tencent, Qobuz, Triller (beta), Yandex Music (beta), MediaNet, Shazam), but we have, like, zero followers. Mostly because we haven't done anything to promote ourselves on those platforms, but that's something we'd like to change in 2022, and a great start would be if all of you with a Spotify account please follow us! That will help us start to climb their algorithm ladder so that they share our stuff in other playlists, which in turn (hopefully) gains more followers, which pushes us further up the ladder... We're pretty sure that's how Justin Bieber and Post Malone got rich and famous...

You don't have to actually like it or listen to us, but just following is a huge boost. And it's not like a Facebook follow that opens you up to a bunch of spam posts -- you'll just hear about new music in your Spotify feed as it comes out (sporadically throughout the year). So if you feel like doing us a solid, we'd appreciate it! 😎

Thanks, everyone!