FALSE GUARD: a martial arts fantasy graphic novel by Merwan

Created by Neurobellum Productions

The complete graphic novel omnibus by the author of the award-winning ASTER OF PAN. (10 DAY FLASH CAMPAIGN!)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

3 months ago – Fri, Nov 05, 2021 at 06:25:43 AM

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are LOCKING ORDERS AND ADDRESSES AT NOON (CST) TOMORROW!

The vast majority of you are all fine and set, but to the 26 of you who have not yet completed your surveys or fixed your payment information on Backerkit:

You have until noon (CST) tomorrow to complete your orders! Otherwise, your orders WILL NOT SHIP IN DECEMBER!

Any late orders completed after 12pm (CST) tomorrow will be shipped in a second wave (with CARBON GREY) starting in late January/February.

Our effort to help reduce shipping by piggybacking several campaigns together requires a lot of manual data manipulation, and we need to lock all December-shipping order data by the end of business day tomorrow so that Quartermaster can start processing that data on Monday. Any changes to that data threaten the entire fulfillment schedule for all orders. And with over 3090 combined orders covering nearly 100 unique physical items, we want to avoid as many complications as possible. 😊

If you are not sure if you are one of those 26 late backers, please go to https://false-guard.backerkit.com/ as soon as you can and log in using your Kickstarter email address. You can then complete your survey, confirm your order/address, and/or make any corrections to your payment method so that the order can be completed.

Thanks, everyone! 😊

A quick update for Digital-Only Backers:
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 03:14:13 PM

Hi everyone!

As we're rolling toward locking orders tomorrow, we have been happily removing the bonus physical prints from digital-only orders to erase any postage due, and it occurred to us where the "bug" in our script was. So we've run a counter-script that has now removed those bonus prints from digital-only and No Reward tier pledges. 😊

So you should no longer see shipping due on any digital-only pledge in Backerkit!

If you DO want those bonus prints and are okay paying shipping, send us a message and we'll add them back to your cart.

If you haven't completed your survey because of that, please complete your survey now!

Backerkit won't distribute your digital rewards to you if your survey is incomplete!

Thanks, everyone!

Orders Locked and cards charged
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 03, 2021 at 03:14:11 PM

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that orders locked yesterday evening as scheduled, and charges for any remaining balances have begun running this morning. Most have gone through without a hitch but if you are one of the dozen or so backers whose card was declined, please watch for a reminder from Backerkit and correct the information as necessary! We can't proceed with your order until it has successfully completed the process!

There are also 24 of you who still need to complete your survey.  A reminder has been sent to those few through Backerkit this morning, so if you are one of them, please complete the survey so we can get you your stuff! 😊

As mentioned earlier, we will begin distributing digital items and Ambassador Points this week, but only completed Backerkit orders (with zero balance due) will be able to receive those items. So please do us both a favor and make sure your orders are complete as soon as you can. 😊


FREE SHIPPING applied to qualifying orders! Backerkit locking orders THIS WEEKEND!
3 months ago – Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 06:09:59 PM

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great week and are starting a fun weekend! 

As promised, we've spent the week reviewing all surveys to confirm which FALSE GUARD orders qualify for the Free Shipping offer with SHANGRI-LA or CARBON GREY. Thanks for filling out your surveys! It was immensely helpful!

We used that data to manually add the appropriate amount of credit to each qualifying order to negate the shipping charges calculated by Backerkit. So if you backed SHANGRI-LA or CARBON GREY at a physical shipping tier, your shipping for FALSE GUARD should now effectively show as FREE!

Please check your Backerkit this weekend to confirm that the amount due looks correct. If you don't see any credit and feel you should, please send us a message. We'll be happy to help figure out any broken links.

With those shipping credits applied, we went ahead and sent the 48-hour Order Lock notification to everyone. You should receive an email from Backerkit soon (if you haven't already) with your 48-hour heads-up to complete your survey. If you have completed your survey and everything looks good, you don't have to do anything -- they will lock your order automatically on Sunday. 

If you haven't completed your survey, you have two days left to do so! Otherwise, you may no longer qualify for Free Shipping, and your shipment might be delayed! Any order that can't ship with the rest of fulfillment in December may face additional shipping charges...

Once orders are locked on Sunday, Backerit will charge all Credit Cards on file for any outstanding balances, including any remaining shipping due. If they have trouble running your card, they will continue to try, but please please please try to ensure a working payment method so that we don't have to hold your order back. (See above disclaimer about missing the boat...)

If everything seems to be moving quickly all of a sudden, it is. We're pushing hard to get FALSE GUARD, SHANGRI-LA, and THE WALL all ready to ship together in early December, so please do us a favor and help us out as best as you can by making sure your survey info is correct and up to date. We want to end 2021 on a high note, and getting these amazing books into your hands will be a marvelous milestone for us. 😎

Next week, we will set up and distribute the digital rewards, as well as award all Ambassador Points. Both distributions will require locked orders, so that's another reason to make sure your payment method can go through without delay. 😊

Thanks, everyone! If you have any Q's please message us directly!

Get ready for THE WALL
4 months ago – Sun, Oct 03, 2021 at 03:35:11 AM

Hi everyone!

First off, hope you all had a great week and are enjoying a sunny weekend! Thank you for filling out your Backerkit surveys so quickly! There are only 17 of you who still need to complete their surveys so that we know how to prepare shipments. We've noted qualifying previous campaign backers (of SHANGRI-LA or CARBON GREY) and we will be manually combining those orders in the next two weeks. Our goal is to have that task completed by October 15th, so that orders can be locked (with Credit Cards charged) on Monday October 18th. If you qualified for order bundling with either of those other two campaigns, shipping will be removed from your FALSE GUARD order, so you will only be responsible for any new Add-ons you may have selected.

We think we've figured out a good system for combining the orders, but it will be a fun and interesting process to set up. In fact, we're so confident in the process that we've decided to extend the offer in another Flash-campaign launching next week...!

"MAD MAX meets THE WALKING DEAD" in a post-apocalyptic blockbuster!

We are SUPER-EXCITED to be publishing THE WALL by the amazing Mario Alberti (Spider-man, Redhand) based on the original screenplay by director Antoine Charreyron (Babylon AD, The Prodigies)! And while we freely acknowledge that this book will be in comic shops in a few months, orders placed during this campaign will include a CAMPAIGN-EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTION ARTBOOK for FREE! This bonus supplement will NOT be available in stores!

As with previous campaigns, you can PRE-REGISTER today for a FREE Bonus linen-cardstock print, and if you also pledge on Day-1, you will get a second linen-cardstock print for FREE.

We'll have stretch goals (including a Challenge Coin) along the way. It will be another short campaign, like FALSE GUARD. And like FALSE GUARD, pledges will SHIP FOR FREE with qualifying orders of SHANGRI-LA or CARBON GREY!

That's up to three campaign orders shipping together for the price of one! Just imagine the treasure trove of awesomeness that could arrive on your doorstep by Christmas! 😎

Please check out the pre-registration page today for tons more info, imagery, and sample pages. Then bookmark the campaign page itself so that you're ready to back on Day-1 this Tuesday Oct 5th at 10am CST!


...but another one? So soon?

We know a few of you may be wondering that.  And it is a very reasonable question.  As with FALSE GUARD, we found ourselves faced with an amazing book, already completed and inbound from the printer, but headed for a retail market that is still adjusting and recovering from the ongoing pandemic. So we made a (very) last-minute decision to offer some very cool exclusive items during another abbreviated campaign. It worked out rather well for FALSE GUARD, and frankly THE WALL is (arguably) even cooler. 😁

We know that this book will appeal to quality connoisseurs such as you and the Kickstarter community as a whole. Kickstarter has become more than just a place to raise money -- it is a high-traffic platform to reach a hungry and eager audience looking for unique and exclusive items and opporunties, such as limited-edition prints, artbook supplements, and stretch goals that will only be available through a campaign. In all honesty, this place has become a central platform for us to spotlight some of our top offerings and exclusive extras. It's one of our favorite Social Media spots, and we love interacting with everyone here. We've tried offering similar bonus exclusives through our webstore, but our webstore simply does not have the thousands of browsing eyeballs that Kickstarter brings.

Certainly, some of you wonderful regular supporters may feel as if we're squeezing too many campaigns out too quickly. That's a reasonable concern. And if you need to skip a campaign to catch your breath, that is perfectly understandable. These books will be available later (although the exclusive items may not).  But hopefully the Free Shipping bundling helps make these Flash-campaigns easier to consider.

If you are worried about our ability and commitment to fulfill these promises, that is also a valid concern. But we hope that our track record of delivering 9 previous campaigns, with another having just shipped this past week and an 11th preparing to ship in the next 2 weeks will calm anyone's nerves. Like FALSE GUARD, THE WALL is finished and already on its way to us. The exclusive items are simple to produce and will be in-hand and ready to ship with everything else in December. We're here to release awesome books.  Not shipping promised products is not part of any viable equation. This is what we do and we will continue to faithfully deliver everything promised.

We recognize how frequent these recent campaigns appear to be. It is somewhat experimental, allowing us to gauge what can or will not work. For the record, there will only be one more campaign after this in 2021 (and it will be a BIG ONE... stay tuned!), and the pacing in 2022 will be much more reasonable. 😊 

Not every title will appeal to everyone. Each campaign title is unique, and we try to spotlight that uniqueness to appeal to different folks. Certainly, some of you will like EVERYTHING we make (as I do, as curator of the brand), but we want to discover new followers and to grow our overall fanbase from title to title. So each campaign should not in any way be seen as "another money-grab" but rather another opportunity to grow. We're not here out of a crucial need to raise initial production money; we're here to offer you cool stuff that won't be available anywhere else. 😎

Hopefully, that wasn't too long-winded, and hopefully, that will put any concerns at ease.

Because you really do not want to miss out on THE WALL. It is AMAZING. 😊

See you there on Tuesday morning!